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STORM™ is founded on science

Product description

STORM™ – the science of fatigue


Lactic acid is produced in muscles during fast exercise and jumping and its build-up contributes to fatigue. Carnosine, which is a dipeptide found naturally in muscle, enables horses to withstand or buffer lactic acid that builds up in muscle. Buffering of lactic acid is essential to maintain speed and power during training, a race or competition.


STORM™ – boosts lactic acid buffering


STORMTM by Racing Blue contains ProCarnosine™ a specialist amino acid (patented β-alanine), combined with a synergistic carbohydrate to enhance absorption. β-alanine is a vital building block in the synthesis of carnosine, which is essential for lactic acid buffering in muscle. Patented β-alanine is at the cutting edge of human sports nutrition and its inclusion in STORM™ is an exciting breakthrough for performance horses.


STORM™ – is a natural component of the diet


STORM™ combines active ingredients that can be found naturally in the horse's diet.  For example, beta-alanine forms part of the B-vitamin pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which is found in both cereals and forages alike.  However, to efficiently support muscle buffering during exercise, enhanced supplementation and improved absorption is needed.


STORM™ – is patent protected


STORM™ is protected by worldwide patents covering the formulation and use of β-alanine in horses, humans and other species. Patented β-alanine in STORMTM is available for horses exclusively from Racing Blue.


STORM™ – is scientifically proven


Scientific studies in humans and horses show that feeding β-alanine (STORM™) boosts the level of carnosine in muscle. This results in a greater capacity to buffer lactic acid during exercise.


STORM™ – the benefits


STORM™ aids performance. By delaying the onset of fatigue, it allows horses to maintain their peak speed for longer, during training and especially during the latter stages of a race or competition.